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Don’t know where to begin? We get it. Starting from scratch, cutting through the clutter of technology and niche fields is a learning curve. We've been there.

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Identifying Your Dream Customers

#3: A foundational pathway to your brand is understanding the importance of brand strategy, identifying your dream customer profiles, and how it benefits your business! Interested in Strategy, Brand Identity Design, Web Design and Development, and Pinterest Marketing Services? Head over to listfanatic.co and send us an inquiry!

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6 Personality Types of Customers/Clients/Buyers

#4: From both a branding and marketing perspective, you can categorize your customers into 1-2 of these 6 categories to better understand their communication needs. I also cover showing up consistently for our audience every Wednesday for a new uploaded episode!

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People connect through the values and ideas. Bring extra value to those who would like to stay connected. Build up a community of fans and people who resonate with your brand.

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