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Our team is full of talented designers and we're always taking on new projects to further your success in your business. From small businesses to larger companies, we can build a site that will perform well and attract new customers. Hope we can help you start a project.

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How to Break the Status Quo

#1:‌ ‌In episode 1 of the List Fanatic Podcast, I share mindset shifts needed for breaking the status quo in your business. I go into 3 ways to take major strides in your business or a new project you want to start. I can’t wait to start this new audio journey with you - follow along @listfanaticpodcast on Instagram and DM me with any questions.

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6 Personality Types of Customers/Clients/Buyers

#4: From both a branding and marketing perspective, you can categorize your customers into 1-2 of these 6 categories to better understand their communication needs. I also cover showing up consistently for our audience every Wednesday for a new uploaded episode!

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People connect through the values and ideas. Bring extra value to those who would like to stay connected. Build up a community of fans and people who resonate with your brand.

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